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We rocked Colorado. We rocked Idaho. We rocked Wyoming. We rocked Montana. We rocked New Hampshire. We rocked Maine. And, at last, the time came to rock one more state on the Elevated Après Tour: Vermont. 

The first of three stops in the Green Mountain State was at The Roost in Stowe, a luxurious yet down-to-Earth spot in town that served as a stellar party venue. Skiers flocked in following a beautiful day on the slopes, ready for post-shred drinks as well as a big pile of gear we’d hand out later on. 

Stowe is one of the most famous ski destinations in the country—a place that pioneered many modern innovations we’re fortunate to have today, such as the first double char in the U.S.—and that reputation was fully evident at The Roost. Passionate and friendly locals chatted with us over drinks, and vacationers praised the area for serving as a great escape. In other words, it didn’t take long for us to confirm this is one of the raddest places out there to ski and après.

Later on, the most anticipated portion of the evening arrived: the gear giveaway. Folks nervously gripped their raffle tickets in hopes of going home with something good—and those with the lucky numbers were 100-percent stoked. In fact, a couple of them won several times, defying the odds and scoring big time.

Our grand entrance into the Green Mountain State was totally awesome. Between our experiences skiing Stowe and partying at The Roost, we had a blast and hope to return soon. But, now, it’s time to carry on to our final two stops: Killington and Stratton. Let the Elevated Après Tour continue!

Keep scrolling, below, to learn more about Stowe and click here for information on the remaining tour stops.


The higher up you go at Stowe, the better it gets. Those looking for some of the most challenging terrain in the East should head up the Forerunner Quad and session the wicked treeskiing the resort has to offer. Goat is a total classic, while other burly zones up there like Starr and Haychute are also well worth checking out.


The Spruce Camp Base Lodge has some of the best on-mountain food out there. This isn’t your average cafeteria, folks; this is top-notch cuisine, ranging from simple sandwiches to full-blown Italian entrees to made-from-scratch breakfasts to everything in between. The lounge area also has some mighty-fine drinks—coffee in the mornin’ and booze in the evenin’.


Though it may not be the flashiest place in town, the Commodores Inn is a great place to crash in Stowe on a budget. It’s right down the road from the resort, and is situated on a beautiful lake setting that’ll make you never want to leave Vermont.


Stowe’s new Spruce Peak Village Center is darn impressive. It includes a new crepe restaurant (Skinny Pancake), a gourmet food and beverage market, a coffee shop and retail shopping. The shops at Spruce Peak include the latest mountain lifestyle brands, winter gear, Stowe logo products, regional crafts and more – all conveniently gathered among a distinctive variety of new shops and eateries within the Spruce Peak Village Center.